(Update) Link’s Awakening on Switch is getting its very own amiibo

Out on September 20

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[Update: It’s live at Best Buy right now.]

So on September 20 when Zelda: Link’s Awakening leaps off of the Game Boy and onto a Nintendo Switch cart (or a bit of data), it will arrive with a special edition.  The package sports a “Dreamer Art Book.”

There’s also an amiibo figure in the mix, which is a take on the adorable new art style for Awakening on Switch. You can find the full rundown below from Nintendo. His figure ability includes adding a “Plus Effect” to the dungeon creation element: Shadow Link, “which chases you through several different rooms.” “Any Zelda character amiibo” will also work with the game.

This is the 19th announced amiibo for 2019: though more Smash Ultimate figures are on the way (in addition to Dragon Quest and Banjo Kazooie, which were announced today as fighters, but not figures yet). You can check out the full updated list here.

New amiibo figures on the way [Nintendo]

Launching alongside the game will be a new Link amiibo figure that lets players put this adorable new art style in the palm of their hands. A special Dreamer Edition will come with the game and the Dreamer Art Book, which features concept art from the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The game and amiibo are each scheduled to launch Sept. 20.

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