(Update) It seems like Cuphead is finally spilling over onto PS4

Who’s double sipping?

[Update: Today on Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest stream, Studio MDHR’s Maja Moldenhauer confirmed that Cuphead will hit PS4 today. The Delicious Last Course DLC will eventually launch on “all platforms day one.” You can read more about Cuphead‘s PS4 release on the PlayStation Blog.]

“Leak” might be an especially-fitting term when discussing a game about cups that are full of liquid. Or, maybe that’s overthinking it and we should just relish an incredible indie game finally arriving on its final major platform.

An international PlayStation Store listing has popped up that outs a PS4 port of Cuphead. Coupled with that — err, “cuppled?” — is a tease from Geoff Keighley that promotes “a special update from one of our favorite indie game studios.”

That update is supposed to be revealed during tomorrow morning’s (July 28) Summer Game Fest stream at 8am Pacific. It seems entirely plausible that Studio MDHR has a PS4 Cuphead announcement planned for Summer Game Fest and someone at PlayStation went live just a little too early.

Way back when, it was reported that Cuphead would stay an Xbox One console exclusive forever. But, then it was ported to Switch last year (and, unforgettably, Teslas) which means that a PS4 version is perfectly possible. It seems like we’ll know one way or the other in the morning.

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