(Update) It looks like The 25th Ward is getting remastered

All style and grit

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[Update: Grasshopper Manufacture has confirmed that the two bonus episodes from The Silver Case‘s PS4 port will be available on Steam for free come May 30th]

Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture is doubling down on obscure remasters lately. This time around, it’s The 25th Ward that’s getting a second chance at life.

The announcement came alongside a short and stylish teaser video. It’s got all the trappings of a Suda 51 game — bold characters, guns, and text that makes next to zero sense.

The 25th Ward is a sequel to The Silver Case. Originally available exclusively on mobile phones in Japan as The Silver Case: Ward 25, the game was never localized for Western audiences. According to the video from Grasshopper Manufacture, the remaster’s full title is The 25th Ward: The Silver Case. It hardly rolls off the tongue, and I’m not sure why the title’s flipped around, but I’m always down for more weird, gritty games.

Outside of the short teaser, there’s little other information about The 25th Ward’s remake available. I found The Silver Case to be an entertaining, if not bizarre game, so it’s safe to expect more of the same from its sequel.

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