(Update) It looks like Heroes of the Storm is hosting the infamous Hogger

Wanted: Dead or Alive

[Update: It’s Hogger! On the day of the new World of Warcraft expansion launch, we now have a new Warcraft character entering the Nexus soon. You can find his spotlight video below, as well as his patch notes here.]

Although the new hero cadence has quieted down a bit, the developers of Heroes of the Storm are still delivering a few times a year. It looks like we’re about to get our second one of 2020 soon enough, following Mei’s June release.

Who is it? Well, World of Warcraft fans will instantly recognize the name Hogger, who is currently being heavily teased. The elite Gnoll was a staple of Alliance human leveling, as one of the first major elite enemies in the Elwynn Forest. Hogger has risen to fame over the past decade or so, becoming the butt of many community jokes and crossover requests. So it makes sense that he would be on “the list” of upcoming characters.

So, we’re pretty sure it’s Hogger. The first tease involved an ominous dead Murloc and what seemed to be the memorable pauldron of Hogger on the ground: Murlocs inhabit the region that Hogger is located in WoW. The second tease makes it much more clear. Hogger’s axe is embedded in a wanted poster, which is a direct reference to his quest in-game.

So unless something goes horribly wrong and these teases are off the wall red herrings, Hogger will enter the Nexus hopefully in the next few weeks or so, following a PTR (public test realm) period. He seems like a shoo-in for a tank or assassin role.

Heroes of the Storm [Twitter]

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