(Update) I won’t say no to another Sam & Max revival

From Happy Giant Games

[Update: With the dust of Gamescom Opening Night Live settled, we now have a bit more info on this one. HappyGiant has revealed the full title (Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual!), as well as a release window of 2021.

Steve Purcell, the original creator, is involved, and the game will play as a “new recruit” alongside of the titular Sam & Max. You’ll have to prove yourself to the duo while uncovering a mystery at an abandoned theme park. Sure!]

Sam & Max are coming back! Yes that Sam & Max.

After living it up in the ’90s in game form and getting a revival in the late 2000s, the duo are coming back thanks to HappyGiant Games. According to Geoff Keighley, it will be VR-based.

“Stay tuned for more info” is how the trailer concluded after it debuted during today’s Gamescom Opening Night Live festivities. Welp! I will indeed stay tuned.

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