(Update) Here’s an extended look at Atlas, that survival pirate game from the makers of Ark

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Out today in Early Access

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[Update: And…it’s delayed again, with the “streamer branch” supposedly out on Saturday morning. Instead of simply saying “coming in December,” they opted for a specific date in their Game Awards announcement, then literally delayed it several times the day of. This is how to not do a launch, folks.]

Studio Wildcard (and sister studio Grapeshot Games) managed to recently piss off their community with two rapid delays for Atlas‘ Early Access launch, their new pirate survival game, in just two weeks. Originally announced at The Game Awards for a December 13 release, the hype was seemingly premature as the studio pushed Atlas back to December 19, then December 21.

But it’s here today (knock on wood), and you can check the below video out to get an idea of what to expect. The highlights are ship battles, ghost pirates, dinosaurs, hand-to-hand and ranged combat, land sieges and treasure hunting. Wildcard says it’s “massive” in nature, with “up to 40,000 players exploring the globe simultaneously,” which is a claim I’ll have to see before I believe.

If you’ve played Ark you could argue that it’s still in Early Access, so expect some choppy waters.

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