(Update) Here’s a quick look at Fallout 76’s new big free DLC update

Steel Dawn adds a wrinkle to this relatively sterile world

[Update: Bethesda has posted an “everything you need to know” blowout post following the trailer below. It goes over everything from the main story, to shelters, to potential bundles.] 

Microsoft got in on Bethesda at a decent time. Fallout 76 was in the rear-view mirror.

Everyone is abuzz about  Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, Starfield, and the next Elder Scrolls. Right now, they have basically all of the hype behind them and none of Bethesda’s failures too fresh in people’s minds. I also wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to allow Bethesda to delay some of the more broken games and bankroll that extra development time for the sake of their reputation. With a strong lack of exclusives for this new console generation, Microsoft needs that rep more than ever.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, Bethesda did just launch the already-in-progress Steel Dawn update for Fallout 76; which improves the slightly-better-since-Wastelanders-but-still-partially-barren open world with new questlines. Although the DLC just launched, the below trailer just a decent job of spicing up the world of 76, while reminding us that NPCs do in fact now exist.

The main focus is on Paladin Leah Remini Leila Rahmani, as well as Knight Shin, and Scribe Valdez. Choices will be made! Faction loyalties will be tested! It is a Fallout game after all.

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