Update-happy Sony strikes again: PSP Firmware 3.70 released

Balth’s Destructoid Community Blog informs us that update-happy Sony has released PSP firmware 3.70 onto the internets. 

I know what you’re thinking: “What does this update do?” Balth links us to The One and Only PSP Updates Thread on the PlayStation forums, which tells us about the update’s new features.

Update 3.70 brings these new features:

  • You can now set custom themes in [Theme Settings] under [Settings].
  • Support has been added for assigning buttons in [Remote Play].
  • A scene search feature has been added under [Video].
  • Sequential playback is now supported under [Video].
  • Simultaneous playback of content under [Music] and [Photo] is now supported.

Mind you, this update is for customers who own PSP systems with model number PSP-1001 sold in North America. Those fancy PSP-2000 kids should continue showing off their fancy new systems, paying no attention to this update release.

Dale North