Update: first details emerge from Famitsu on Phantasy Star Zero DS

Don’t bother to get excited if you are a fan of the retro Phantasy Star series (as you know I am, big time) — this new DS title is unfortunately not a straightforward RPG as we might have hoped. Spotted on the NeoGAF forums this morning, here’s the dirt straight from Famitsu:

Phantasy Star Zero (DS)
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sonic Team?
Release: Winter 08
– Character Designer : Toshiyuki Kubooka (IdolMaster, Lunar)
– Scenario : Tooru Shiwasu (formerly in charge of the online quest on the original PSO, now a writer)
– Scenario : Teru Arai (mystery novels writer)
– New in the PSO series
– Multi play over Nintendo WiFi connection
– Chat system supports sending of stylus sketches (Something like Pictochat)
– Blow into DS mic to send msg (??)
– Huge Dragon: Rayburn

I’m sorry to say this because I know I will offend the fans of it, but I wish the Phantasy Star Online series would die a horrible, wretched, screaming death. Not because they are bad games, but because I want the games back that I grew up with and that revolutionized the way I looked at RPGs. Before you start bashing me, I’m bitter and old, so give me a break.

Anyway, enough of my whining — are you excited to play this series on DS?I have to admit I am curious to see how it looks. We’ll bring you more details as soon as they come to light.

[Update — check out Dtoid community member Toneman’s blog for an actual scan with some screenshots.]

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett