Update: E3 10: Konami has luchadores at E3, Konami wins

Listen I know we’re all blowing our loads still from Nintendo’s press conference, but most people actually missed the best conference of the show. As Jordan pointed out earlier, Konami had the best conference by far. Much like Deadly Premonition was a far superior game to Heavy Rain, Konami’s press conference absolutely trumped anything everyone else did.

Jordan showed just one of the many odd parts and mentioned the live show choir, but what he forgot to tell you was that there were live luchadores at the show promoting Lucha Libre AAA: Héroes del Ring. They weren’t just there, though. They started getting in a staged fight on stage over who was going to win the championship belt the next day in the ring at the Konami booth on the E3 floor. It was epic. I’m just sorry most people missed what is going to go down in history as the greatest press conference ever.

But the championship fight touted at the press conference is not the only fight going on at E3. No, it’s been going on for the entire conference and we have video proof. It’s right there above. Check it out. Sh*t be cereal business.

Update: More wrestling action below, with a guest appearance from Mr. Destructoid himself as he watches the match.

Matthew Razak