(Update) Dauntless will be switching to the Epic Games’ launcher soon

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[Update: Phoenix Labs reached out to us to clarify a few details about the account migration process for Dauntless. Players are not being forced to link their old accounts to the Epic Games launcher. If you do opt-in to the merger, you can utilize a different e-mail address and password from your Dauntless account. Phoenix Labs is also not sharing any personal information with Epic, so you can do the account merger without worrying.

The rest of the details are basically the same. The original story remains below.]

Dauntless, a Monster Hunter-like action title, will be switching over to the Epic Games’ launcher soon. The title, currently in open beta, has only been available directly from developer Phoenix Labs’ website and launcher. In an FAQ on its website, the company explains the decision to work with Epic.

“When we started building Dauntless over four years ago,” reads the post, “we had a vision: No matter where you were in the world or which platform you were playing on, you would be able to play with your friends. Epic Games blazed a trail by delivering the first game with true cross-play on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile, and Nintendo Switch. We are grateful to partner with them on Dauntless.”

Right now, players won’t need to do anything. The old launcher will still work until an unspecified date. Eventually, you’ll be able to merge your Dauntless account with Epic Games’ launcher. All current progress in the beta will migrate over to the Epic version of Dauntless. Phoenix Labs recommends creating an Epic account now to reserve your username.

The main reason for this move seems to be for cross-play functionality. Phoenix Labs intends to adopt a Fortnite style structure for Dauntless and is looking to have all progress carry over to whichever platform you play on. This means you’ll be able to purchase microtransactions and level up on Switch, then jump onto your PC and continue progress.

There still isn’t a firm release date for the console ports, but Phoenix Labs is looking to get this Epic integration done ASAP. I would imagine that once everything is situated on PC, it wouldn’t be too much longer for the console ports.

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