(Update) Dark Souls Remastered will be getting a Switch network test and Solaire amiibo

Praise the Sun!

[Update: Turns out the Solaire amiibo is a GameStop exclusive. Go figure. It also costs more than the average amiibo, which is definitely making me less likely to pick it up on a whim.]

Dark Souls Remastered will be getting a network test on Nintendo Switch before launch. This will give players a feel for how the game runs on Nintendo’s hybrid console and get them ready for the May 25 launch day (confirmed for the other platforms, too). As well as getting an early taste of the remastered game, Switch owners will be able to grab a Solaire of Astora amiibo to help them “praise the sun” before grabbing the full game.

While it is hard to tell from the short trailer, the Switch port mostly looks like the PS3 and 360 originals. I’m sure the framerate is tightened up a bit, but this isn’t as dramatic of an overhaul as some might have expected.

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