(Update) Bungie intends to share their next big plans for Destiny 2 very soon

Until then: teases

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[Update: Bungie has posted (then subsequently deleted) information on Instagram that states a reveal is coming on June 9 at 12PM ET. The clip shows Eris Morn on what seems to be a Jupiter-based location, which could tie into the new race.]

[Update #2: Now it’s officially official. The Twitter account plainly and openly confirms June 9 at 9AM PT with the same teaser.]

As Bungie is poised to unleash controversial new loot changes into the mix later this year, they are forging ahead with new content.

In a very simple “what’s next” portion of their recent blog series, Bungie teases that “the next season of Destiny 2” as well as “the next chapter in this story that has been unfolding all year long” announcement is coming soon. Through flowery verbiage, the blog seems to confirm that the reveal was slated for E3, but is now happening as a stream this coming week.

According to the post, June 10 is the estimate for when that debut will happen: which is sandwiched in-between the Steam Game Festival and the CD Projekt Red stream. It’s a bonafide full summer of events people! We could get a new Metroid like that on any given day.

That tease also includes creepy audio, which fans believe is teasing a new expansion release (the customary September slot) as well as a new long-rumored race.

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