(Update) Ask us anything on the Destructoid forums

We’ll be hosting a scheduled series of AMAs, starting soon

[Update: The seventh of our popular Destructoid AMA sessions is now live! So stop by our official forums and take the opportunity to Ask Your Anything to Destructoid’s Features Editor, Podtoid producer, and all-round good dude CJ Andriessen. Have Fun!]

Yup! You heard that right. Starting this month, we’ll be hosting a series of AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) sessions with members of Destructoid and our sister sites on the new and improved Destructoid forums.

If you’ve never been to one of these, the way it typically works is that the host commits to an hour to thoughtfully answer questions as they are submitted in semi-real time. You can come on the event day to participate, or enjoy the responses any time after.  It’s a great way to connect with the people that run this joint.

Here’s the full schedule so far:

Monday, July 6 at 10 AM ESTOccams 

As many of you who frequent the Destructoid front page and Qtoid already know, Occams has been a community manager on our site for many years and Destructoid’s official Resplendent Black Grandmother. He’s also currently a host of our podcast; Podtoid. Occams will be hanging out for an hour or so to answer any of those burning questions that you’ve been dying to ask him. Also, yes, his face is actually made of cats.


Sunday, July 12 at 4 PM EST: Wes Tacos

As another one of Destructoid’s community managers, Wes has been responsible for organising a huge majority of the contests that we’ve hosted on our site as of late. It’s literally his job to give you free stuff, although I hear he’s also a fantastic hugger. Wes will answer all of your questions while doing push-ups and sharing his secret recipes for subatomic home made chalupas (I just made that up), so don’t miss it.


Tuesday, July 21 at 5 PM EST: Big Scary Boss Creature, Menashe

Better known as RavMenace to our Twitch audience, Menashe Kestenbaum began his blogging career on the IGN forums, then as the founder of NintendoEnthusiast.com, and is now the CEO of Enthusiast Gaming, who heads up operations for the entire network including sites like this one and Escapist, PC Invasion, TheSimsResource and the other literal 100+ websites in the EG Network Family. Yup, our semi-corporate overlord is willing to answer any questions that you’re willing to throw his way. If you ever had anything you want to ask the new boss-man himself, this is the one.


Wednesday, July 29 at 10 AM EST: Chris Carter

Honestly, I’m not sure Chris even needs an introduction. He’s been our co-editor-in-chief for many years now, and his sheer dedication to the job is nothing short of impressive. Without him, we wouldn’t have half as many quality game reviews on our site as we do now.

While many of you have asked him if a game he’s reviewed is as good as A Link Between Worlds at least once or twice, I’m sure there’s other questions that you’ve got for him. So join us for that!


Wednesday, August 5 at 1 PM EST: Dreezy 

For the past several months, Dreezy has been our resident streamer on the official Destructoid Twitch channel. By the time his AMA is scheduled to occur, he’ll have hosted two “So You Think You Can Stream” tournaments for us, giving away several thousands of dollars in the process. You should definitely join Dreezy on the forums on for an epic AMA, which will potentially also be live-streamed for extra-sensory satisfaction. 


Tuesday, August 11 at 1 PM EST: Brett Makedonski

Brett’s currently Destructoid’s managing editor, as well the most enthusiastic Rocket League player within our team. He’s also responsible for the article that spawned a long-running community in-joke about amiibo, so there’s that. Does he have any regrets? What color are his eyes actually? Can he actually play that guitar that sits behind him? He’ll be answering all of your questions.


Saturday, August 15 at 1 PM EST: CJ Andriessen

Formerly known to the Destructoid community as It’s About To Get Gay In Here, CJ Andriessen is currently our features editor, as well as the producer and one of the co-hosts of Podtoid. CJ’s also responsible for a majority of the mobile game reviews on our site, as well as providing a sizeable portion of our handheld coverage. You can ask CJ anything and you’ll probably regret that you did.  Don’t miss your chance to be scarred for life and become a meme on Podtoid, this one will be fun.

Developers, Journos, Streamers, Random-Ass Industry Folk, and Community Members at large: Are you interested in doing one as well? Do you have an obscure or interesting topic or job you think our community would like to learn about, such as collecting all of the things?

Hop on to the Destructoid Forums and create an account or shoot us an email. You can use this comments section to figure out the ideal time with others and, start a thread entitled AMA: (Your Username) in the new AMAtoid section. We hope you’ll join us in the coming days, don’t be a stranger!

Who else would you like to see host an AMA on Destructoid?

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