Update: Arkham Knight Steam reviews are being tagged ‘Pre Release’

No they ruddy well aren’t pre-release

[Update: Since the story was posted, the pre release tag has begun to be removed from these reviews].

Boy, Arkham Knight really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Yesterday Batman: Arkham Knight finally returned to Steam after a four-month delay and, as well as still being stupidly buggy, there’s some dodgy things going on with reviews of the game.

People who purchased Arkham Knight on launch day four months ago that were unhappy with the product they purchased and left a review on Steam have now had their Steam reviews tagged as “Pre Release” reviews.

No, those are not pre-release reviews. Those are reviews of a product that was released, charged for at full price and advertised as a finished retail product.

It’s currently unclear if this decision was down to the publisher, or an aspect of Steam’s system for when a game is removed from the store, then restored.

While I understand the need to differentiate between reviews of the game as it was at launch and as it is today, it does seem a little shady to list these reviews in a way that implies they are not of purchased, finished, retail builds.

So, do you agree that this feels weirdly shady?

Laura Dale