Update and new content launching for MotorStorm today, Lucifer is pleased

MotorStorm on the PlayStation 3 is actually really good, and I regret that I haven’t played it more than I have. Perhaps now is a good time to start — on their official blog, Sony has announced that a new server Update 3.0 patch will be available today. The patch adds support for the DUALSHOCK 3 controlller you don’t have, as well as adds some other minor tweaks for online play.

New in-game content will be available for download today, as well. Called “Devil’s Weekend,” the new pack contains four new tickets for a total of ten new tracks. The package also includes five new vehicles and one special unlockable vehicle, each with three new skins. Senior U.S. Producer for MotorStorm Felice Strandifer jokes that you won’t have to “sell your soul to the devil” to become an expert at the course, but fails to mention the content’s pricing.

The new content will assuredly cost you some green, but for the tightwads out there, Sony is also offering a Halloween treat by including a vehicle with a Halloween skin in the update. Better late than never, I suppose. 

Head over to the official blog for screens, or just hold your horses and download the content when it goes live later today.


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