Upcoming ModNation Racers patch adds ‘casual’ difficulty

ModNation Racers is a pretty good game with a few problems holding it back from true greatness. Was one of those issues that it was too difficult? United Front Games seems to think so.

It’s been revealed that an upcoming patch for the game will add a “casual” career difficulty that makes your AI-controlled opponents less “aggressive.” Admittedly, I had only played through a chunk of the career, but never found the game to be brutally difficult. Was this a problem, and is this something you think will help you enjoy the game more?

I think part of the reason I had never finished the career has less to do with the difficult, and more to do with the fact that I’m impatient. How about doing something to fix the game’s obscenely long load times, UFG?

ModNation Monday: Community Picks and Patch Update [PlayStation Blog]

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