Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition patch will add item customization, storage, and more

I can finally hoard to my heart’s content!

BioWare has made some of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Unfortunately, it’s also made some of the buggiest. Dragon Age: Inquisition is no exception. It is a wonderful adventure and one of my favorite games of last year; however, it had a huge list of bugs.

BioWare has been steadily putting out patches, which have eliminated a large chunk of glitches and added features players almost unanimously requested. Unfortunately, when I played, the patch that added item indicators on the minimap while pinging hadn’t made it out yet.  A good hour of my playthrough was spent searching for loot, only to realize a door or ladder had triggered a ping. One long, maddening eternal hour that I left a part of myself behind in.

BioWare is touting Patch Five as the biggest patch it’s released to date. For the first time, it’ll be employing a small group of players to beta test the patch in the near future in an attempt to isolate bugs quickly and allow the developers to interact directly with part of their fanbase.

A storage system has been added that can be accessed in the undercroft of Skyhold. I absolutely hated having to get rid of unique items, even after they had outlived their usefulness; so I am definitely pumped for this. You’ll have the ability to customize items further with the new “item tinter” which will allow materials to be used to give armor a unique look, regardless of its construction materials. When creating items in the late game I found myself going with what looked the coolest instead of what made the strongest armor and weapons, so it’ll be nice to finally use up some tier 3 and 4 material without sacrificing fashion sense.

The Black Emporium will make a return from Dragon Age II. There you’ll be able to find artifacts, tools, new weapons and schematics, and change voice and facial features. Additionally, an auto-attack key has been added for those going for more of a Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age II combat feel, and BioWare has promised more changes and improvements that will be revealed as time goes on.

Sign-ups for the Dragon Age: Inquisition Patch Five Beta will start soon for the PC. Unfortunately, if you’ve got the game for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you’ll have to wait to experience the new features, along with the broader PC community. BioWare has not made any comments as to when the patch will be pushed to the general population.

I believe when it hits, I’ll finally commit to the “Dwarven asshole” run I’ve been putting off.

Introducing the DAI Patch 5 Beta Program, Featuring the Black Emporium [BioWare Blog]

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