Unreal Tournament 3 PC demo hits the net early: Norway is freaking awesome!

According to this post on NeoGAF, the PC demo for Epic’s Unreal Tournament 3 has been leaked by Norwegian site ITavisen. That link to their site will take you to a page containing two main links, the top one a link to the queue for the file’s download, and the bottom a link to a torrent of the file. We’re usually not the kind to prod the Horse of Piracy, but considering this thing is a demo and we got express written permission from Cory Doctorow, we feel safe in telling you all about it. Oh and if Mark Rein asks, tell him we were trying to brute force murder their servers.

Also, in case you’re wondering the demo is the real deal. I’ve spent the last twenty minutes wondering just how hot it can make my laptop before it ignites, and the entire time was utterly stunning. Avast, I think I’m in love. 

[UPDATE: It seems the torrent link has been removed, but the queue is still up. It may be a bit of a wait, but it’s your best bet for getting in on the action. Tell no one!] 

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