Unreal Tournament 3 goes free for the weekend

Steam and Epic Games are throwing another one of those Unreal Tournament 3 free weekends, and even though it isn’t the weekend just yet, UT3 is now free to play until Sunday.

If you like what you play, the game has also been temporarily dropped down to eight bucks. Or if you’re more into the older iterations of Unreal Tournament, the original game can be bought for $1.99. Seriously! It may not be as delicious as a five-dollar foot-long, but who cares — it’s still a great deal.

And lastly, the entire line-up of Unreal games is 60% off on Steam until the 27th of this month. That’s five games for $16. I’d make another food comparison but instead I’m going to shut up and grab a bite to eat before I starve any further.

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