Unofficial remake of Kid Chameleon shows Kid design

Last month, Brazilian developer Gameblox Interactive quietly announced that they were at work on an unofficial remake of Sega Genesis title, Kid Chameleon. They posted some concept art over the following weeks and have now revealed the look of the main character, whom they’ll be calling “Max” in the game.

I dig it. I’ll miss the old leather jacket but there’s something appropriate about the look Max has. It’s the sort of thing which would have been dreamed up by someone back in the 90’s. Of course, the game was murder to play through with a length and difficulty that punishes all the way. Hopefully they’ll get the platforming down because any problems with the accuracy will probably make it unplayable.

Of course, there’s also always the chance that Sega might decide to make them stop working on the game. Would be a shame, though. Doesn’t seem like Sega cares much about the Kid anymore but I like him and wouldn’t mind if he came back around.

Gameblox recria o protagonista do game Kid Chameleon, sem a máscara [Gameblox — Thanks, Rafael!]

Conrad Zimmerman