Unofficial Kickstarter for Life is Strange sequel canceled in record time

Makes sense

Well, there’s that. Much like the fabled Star Wars fangame, another one bites the dust. While most unofficial projects are usually worked on in secret and then torrented into the world (even if only in demo form), some go public immediately, and are shot down in turn. This one involves a sequel to Life is Strange, but the project creator wanted to either fund said sequel or “buy the rights” for $20,000.

It’s adorable, but as expected, the project was canceled mere hours after it went live. You know what? You could probably draft up an adventure game with “teen dialogue” in about as much time as it took to write this Kickstarter proposal, so all is not lost. It might not be as good as Life is Strange, but it’s a start!

Life is Strange 2 [Kickstarter]

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