Universe at War delayed until 2008 (Update)

Sorry real-time strategy fans — the PC version of Petroglyph’s real-time strategy title, Universe at War: Earth Assault, has been delayed. Originally set to ship on November 2, the game has now been pushed back to January 2008. 

Computer and Videogames was told by a Sega rep that “the new release date means that both the PC version and the Xbox 360 version will launch closer together.” This is little comfort to PC gamers who think that Xbox 360 users are a bunch of Madden-playing college frat boy jerks, and never had any intention of playing Universe at War with them in the first place. 

Our own Aaron Linde had a chance to play the game not too long ago, and from all accounts, he says it’s shaping up nicely. Just, you know, not nicely enough to be released this year.

[Update: Everybody settle down … well, at least if you’re in North America.

It has come to our attention that this delay only applies to the European release of Universe at War. No word yet as to why, but we’ll keep you updated as news comes in.]

Nick Chester