Sonic 2 angry Tails

Someone pointed out that the US Sonic 2 poster makes Tails angry and I can’t help but laugh

“Extreme” US posters are so great

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So I missed the Sonic 2 angry Tails movie poster, and I especially missed that the Japanese version had a more lighthearted happier one. While these types of changes are fairly common, it doesn’t make it any less funny. Over on Twitter, user whisperwolf brought it to my attention, spotting the differences that I’m sure a lot of folks had already seen.

Then the comparisons started coming in, calling it a “Kirby moment,” a classic example of a character that gets more lighthearted or serious depending on the region:

Another person reminds us of another Sonic 2 angry Tails makeover. The Ristar animation changes, which took the Ristar “serious” boss battle face and plastered it across the entire US version:

For this particular case, Japan got it right. Tails, by nature, is a free spirit. You can see this trait in pretty much everything he’s in, from Sonic 2 to the Sonic Boom TV show. Every so often Tails can get down to it and save the day (especially when he needs to step up after a Sonic absence), but his kind heart is what sets him apart from the otherwise stoic and wisecracking cast of friends.

Bet you didn’t expect a Tails character breakdown this weekend eh? Well, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, it’s been kind of a rocky week, and my kid and I have been watching a lot of Sonic Boom together!

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