United States joins the Manhunt 2 hysteria – gives game an ‘Adults Only’ rating

Earlier today, I broke the disappointing news that Manhunt 2 was deemed too harmful for an overprotected British public, pushing back the progression of civil liberties several decades and making me wonder if I lived in the UK or communist China. With that in mind, it seems that America has no intention of being left out of the overreaction happy fun party as the ESRB has seen fit to slap an ‘Adults Only’ rating on Rockstar’s much maligned boogeyman-in-DVD-form.

While slightly better than an outright ban, the move will see popular chains like Wal-mart refusing to stock the game and will have a significant impact on Rockstar’s earnings while movies like Hostel 2 will hit theaters with no such crippling restrictions in place. Many thanks to the ESRB who have pitched in and helped the illogical and childish enemies of the games industry pop another ill-gotten feather in their caps. We all appreciate it very much. Seriously, on behalf of gamers everywhere, thank you for making the quest for games to be viewed without prejudice and bias all that more difficult.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the European wing of the Destructoid collective will continue to fight the BBFC’s decision to ban the title. Stay tuned for news of a new campaign that will soon be unleashed so gamers may provide some much needed balance to the ridiculous demonization of our favorite hobby. I think I speak for all the sane ones among us when I say this – the bullcrap’s getting ridiculous.

[With thanks to Joe ‘I got banned from Gmail’ Burling]

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