‘Unique’ DS puzzle game, NEVES, looks really familiar

Yuke’s have announced NEVES for the Nintendo DS, a title which they’re calling a “unique puzzle game.” The idea is to align pieces to build figures that correspond to a silhouette. In each puzzle, you’re given seven wooden blocks and are asked to create items like a simple sword, or the more difficult to create bird.

Players use the stylus to tilt, flip, and move blocks by simply tapping or dragging. The game will contain over 500 different puzzles, and will include four different modes: puzzle mode, count mode, time mode, and a versus mode. 

NEVES is based off the popular Japanese game, Hanayama’s Lucky Puzzle; but is it me, or are Yuke’s just releasing the “Get in Shape” mini-game from Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy as a full title?

NEVES comes to the Nintendo DS this November.

Nick Chester