Uniqlo’s getting Nintendo shirts soon and they’re all stylish as heck

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Fashionable Japanese clothes retailer Uniqlo recently partnered with Nintendo to produce some shirts with iconic gaming prints. But, Nintendo didn’t look to Uniqlo for help designing the tees. No, the two companies cooperatively turned to the fans to do their work for them.

Uniqlo has revealed the winners of its Nintendo t-shirt design contest. The top three feature stylish takes on Mario, Splatoon, and Zelda, respectively. Here are the winning designs:

The top prize went to this classic Mario look that smartly uses the shirt’s red color to help minimize the fact that the plumber’s splashed across the entire dang thing. The award for this was $10,000 and a Switch signed by Shigeru Miyamoto.

Second place goes to this Splatoon squid made out of the game’s paint splotches. The silver medal prize was $3,000 and a Miyamoto-signed Switch.

Coming in third is this killer Zelda design that’s unfortunately only available in kids’ sizes. No Switch for this, though; just $500.

The other winners (apart from the ones who got paid) are the Nintendo-loving consumers who have the opportunity to buy these shirts. Men and women’s tees are each priced at 1,500 yen (approximately $13.50), and kids’ go for 990 yen (about $9.00).  These go on sale in Japanese Uniqlo stores on May 19; there’s no word on whether they’ll come to the 49 Uniqlo locations in the United States.

The Nintendo line isn’t limited to these three, however. There are another 20-some shirts that will be made available. They’re all quite snazzy and you can check them out here. Unlike Nintendo, Uniqlo didn’t forget about Metroid.

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