Uninvited – The Quest for the Red Jewel

I shouldn’t need much of an excuse to post links to Albino Black Sheep, but luckily I have an excellent excuse in the form of Reaprar, who reminded me the site existed by sharing with our tips line possibly the greatest flash game ever made — Uninvited – The Quest for the Red Jewel.

I honestly couldn’t give a stuff that this is old, so you can shove your “old game is old” witticisms up your stupid arses. It’s only funny when that meme is plastered over a picture of a cat, and even then it’s only mildly amusing. Good games are good forever, and this is the best game ever made. It’s incredibly scary and I was so scared that I did a poo in my pants and the poo smelled really bad and I got poo on my bum and hands. That is how scary this game is.

Play it if you dare, and if you’ve played it, play it again. If you daaaare!

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