Unfinished SSF2HDTR art hits the ‘net: double plus good?

Thanks to Tron Knotts’ community blog, we’re privy to a ton of art from the upcoming Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix that I’m assuming Capcom didn’t want us to see yet. There’s absolutely no way it has been finalized, but that won’t stop any of the amateur e-Gucciones from staring at Cammy’s shrouded labia for hours on end.

Despite their unfinished state and the unintelligible text accompanying some of them, what say you, legions of the ‘net? Are we excited? Are we infuriated? People without the ability to form their own opinions await your groupthink answer! 

[UPDATE: Small gallery added in case Capcom gets wind of this, props to Clay and Hampton for the quote, and ++thanks to Tron Knotts for showing me the only interesting thing I’ve seen all day. — Nex] 

[UPDATE DEUX: It appears Capcom did get wind of things and instead of dropping the litiguous hammer on the pictures, they’ve talked about them a bit and dropped some really pretty animated gifs (which you can now find past the jump). They also managed to put together a huge zip file of all the art, which you can download here. — Nex] 

Ryu floats like a butterfly, stings like one of those wasps that eats tarantulas:


Cammy proves she’s got “backhand like John McEnroe”: 1880192036_20eadf051b_o

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