Undertow on XBLA this Wednesday

There’s only one new game hitting Xbox Live Arcade this week and it’s an underwater arcade-style shooter called Undertow (800 Microsoft Points).

Undertow‘s single-player campaign is “story driven” and will allow for both online and offline 2-player co-op. If you’ve been looking for an XBLA game that will let you and your 15 closest friends shoot each other’s brains out in multiplayer, look no further, as that’s featured too.

The game has 3 races to choose from, each with 4 unique and upgradeable units. Because Undertow is powered by the Unreal Engine 3, your pew pew pew’s are going to look superior to the particle effects from the average, cookie-cutter Live Arcade title.

What do you think Dtoiders, thumbs up or thumbs down?

Jordan Devore
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