Undertale’s Switch version might hint at Toby Fox’s next game

Suzy, are you there?

Undertale released on Switch just a few days ago, and it seems to be a solid port of an incredible game. Undertale is three years old at this point, and the Switch version is just the same game on a new platform. Well, almost the same.

There’s one dialogue change that might hold a massive hint as to what developer Toby Fox is working on next. Here’s the breakdown, as outlined in a ResetEra thread. This is what conversation with an NPC named Clam Girl normally looks like:

She talks about her neighbor’s daughter Suzy and how you should become friends with her. Suzy isn’t actually in Undertale. It’s just Clam Girl who talks about Suzy. When you talk to her after the game’s over, Clam Girl laments that you and Suzy never met up.

Here’s what the post-game dialogue looks like on Switch:

“So, you never met my neighbor’s daughter,” she says. Flashing a disturbing shade of gray, Clam Girl finishes with “But please don’t despair. Because the time that you will meet her is fast approaching.”

This could be classic misdirection but it doesn’t really feel like that’s the case. The build has been too long and the new dialogue is too pointed. It’s impossible to say what Toby Fox’s next game will be. But it sure seems like an Undertale sequel or a spinoff within the same universe. Whatever it is, it’ll be hotly anticipated.

Undertale Switch seemingly has hint/tease for Toby Fox’s next project [ResetEra]

Brett Makedonski
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