Undertale, Timespinner, and other indies slated for Xbox Game Pass on PC

11 games are on the way

During today’s ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase, Microsoft confirmed a range of indie games that will join the subscription service’s Xbox One and PC library. Y’all need to play Yoku’s Island Express, you hear?

Some of these upcoming titles will be playable with Game Pass on Xbox One and PC:

While others are limited to Xbox Game Pass for PC:

I’m not sure how I’ll feel about gaming subscriptions a few years from now when the space is presumably far more crowded, but for the time being, I adore what Microsoft is doing with Game Pass.

Beyond the innate value of bundling together great third-party games (like the ones listed above), Game Pass is an opportunity for Microsoft to greenlight projects that otherwise might not make financial sense. I’m much more likely to play games outside of my niche if I’m not spending $60 on them.

If the service stays consistent, Microsoft can hit the ground running for the next console generation.

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