Underrated as hell Runbow is coming to Switch soon

You run, Runbow

Runbow really did come out almost three years ago, huh?

Time flies when you’re a Wii U game, but the party platformer did eventually make it to PC almost a year later, followed by the New 3DS and Xbox One. As of today, PS4 and Switch versions are confirmed for April 24 (followed by a Deluxe Edition with physical bonuses on June 14).

For those of you who haven’t played it Runbow involves running, jumping, and combat across a variety of different modes with nine players in tow locally. On PS4 that number will be shortened to four, Switch will support eight out of the box, and both can support nine online.

If you’re a platforming fiend seek out someone who owns it and try the Bowhemoth challenge mode!

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