Undecember, a free-to-play hack ‘n’ slasher, now available worldwide

undecember hack n slash pc mobile free to play


Publisher Line Games Corporation and developer Needs Games have announced that their hack ‘n’ slash adventure Undecember has now launched worldwide — The free-to-play monster masher is available to download on PC (via Steam) and mobile platforms iOS and Android in all territories.

Set in the high-fantasy realm of Traum — a benevolent land created by the arrival of 12 divine beings — Undecember sees the calm and tranquility of this world shattered by the arrival of the 13th being, Evil God Serpens. With the land now infested with ravaging hordes of demons, ogres, and other unholy hellspawn, it is up to a party of hardy adventurers to take up steel, axe, and bow, defeat the marauders, and offer Serpens a one-way ticket to oblivion.

As you can see from the trailer above, Undecember is a violent, action-packed dungeon crawler not dissimilar to Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic series, Diablo. Offering up a 10-act story campaign, a selection of endgame challenges, Boss Raids, and a rock-solid “Chaos Dungeon”, Undecember hopes to carve a niche out for itself, boasting some pretty attractive features including custom class building, a deep, rune-based skill system, cross-platform support, and co-op modes for up to eight players.

Dungeon-crawling fans waiting on the far-off release of Diablo 4, or mobile players who perhaps were not feeling Diablo Immortal, may do well to look at this contender and see if it ignites that fantasy fyre.

Undecember is now available to download on PC and mobile platforms. Any and all players who login during launch week will be able to take part in a special introductory event — offering up some exclusive gear, runes, and other in-game bonus items.

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