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Undead Mayhem codes

Be quick to redeem all Undead Mayhem codes and grab free Zombux and more!

Destroying zombies in Undead Mayhem is a lot of fun. You can either shoot them with guns or beat them up with a bat, but they’ll still keep coming. Each new wave gets more challenging, but that means you’ll get more Zombux and XP if you win.  

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Zombux is the main currency in this game, and you get it by eliminating zombies. If that becomes too challenging, you can get more by redeeming Undead Mayhem codes. This way, your hero can get XP buffs and free money, which will prove useful in surviving the zombie apocalypse. If you can’t get enough of hunting the undead, check out our list of Zombie Hunters codes and grab freebies in that game as well!

All Undead Mayhem codes list

Active Undead Mayhem codes

  • update2—Redeem for 10 Minute XP Buff (New)
  • 9000LIKES—Redeem for 250 Zombux
  • luckytuesday—Redeem for 30 min XP Buff
  • timetofarm—Redeem for 30 min XP Buff
  • casualxpbuff—Redeem for 20 min XP Buff
  • SUNDAYGRIND—Redeem for 30 minutes of XP Buff and 250 Zombux
  • 2000LIKES—Redeem for 250 Zombux
  • HAPPYUPDATE1!—Redeem for 10 Minute XP Buff

Expired Undead Mayhem codes

  • 1250LIKES

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How to redeem codes in Undead Mayhem

To redeem codes in Undead Mayhem, follow our guide below:

How to redeem codes in Undead Mayhem.
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  1. Open Undead Mayhem in Roblox.
  2. Click the guns icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Type the code into the Reward Codes text box.
  4. Click Redeem and grab your freebies!

How to get more Undead Mayhem codes

If you’re looking for new Undead Mayhem codes, check out the Undead Mayhem Discord community, X account (@inventionrunner), and the Undead Dev. Roblox group. However, you’ll have to scroll through a lot of irrelevant info if you choose to search for codes on your own. Avoid this tedious task by bookmarking our article and checking it regularly to see if we’ve found new codes for you!

Why are my Undead Mayhem codes not working?

If you experience an error while inputting Undead Mayhem codes, check for typos first. Spelling mistakes can prevent you from getting your reward, so avoid this issue entirely by copying/pasting codes into the game. If you’re still unable to redeem your code, it may have expired in the meantime. Contact us if that’s the case, and we’ll investigate.

How to get other free rewards in Undead Mayhem

Undead Mayhem codes are the best in-game option for getting free goodies. However, the game also features a reward wheel you can spin daily for a chance to win buffs and exclusive weapons. Otherwise, you can join the Discord server (linked above), where the developer might host giveaways and fan contests.

What is Undead Mayhem?

Undead Mayhem is a survival Roblox game set in an apocalyptic universe where zombies keep trying to kill you. Keep refilling your ammo and eliminate waves of undead foes that want to end you. For each kill, you’ll get XP points and cash, so try to stay alive for as long as you can.

If you’re looking for more interesting Roblox games, look through the rest of our Roblox Codes section to find other titles with codes that you can redeem for valuable goodies!

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