Undead Knights PSN ‘demo’ was actually the full game

I was cruising the PlayStation Store on Thursday and stumbled upon a demo for Tecmo’s Undead Knights. Already quite interested in the game, I decided to download it and give it a whirl. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that, far from being just a level or two, I had access to the full bloody game.

That’s right, somehow Sony had managed to put the full game up onto the PlayStation Store instead of a demo. Tecmo told us the final code hadn’t even been approved yet, so quite how this mistake arose is beyond the grasp of anybody involved. Tecmo has now pulled the demo from the PlayStation Store, although it seems I’m not the only one to have accidentally downloaded the entire thing before the issue was addressed. 

The fault seems to lie with SCEA, and with the PSPgo launch and massive PSN additions, I guess it’s natural that mistakes happened. For once, it’s a mistake that actually worked in the favor of consumers, and not the usual “my console just bricked” screw-up that often happens. Anyway, even though we caught this SNAFU on Thursday, we felt it was only fair to make sure Tecmo was in the clear before talking about it. We’re not so heartless as to say “HAY GAIZ YOU CAN STEAL THIS!” Still, quite a crazy story, huh?

If you downloaded it before the cock-up was resolved, you can count yourself lucky, especially since the game is quite badass. As for me … I guess I don’t have to request a review copy now.

Jim Sterling