Undead Knights comic features zero zombies, two boobs

You’ve got to love Tecmo. Not only does the publisher know how to play to its strengths, but it’s also completely shameless.

The publisher sent out an email update today, covering two of its upcoming titles — Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma for the PlayStation 3, and Undead Knights for the PlayStation Portable. In its update, there really isn’t much info on Undead Knights; if you’re looking for that, you can check out our preview for E3

What it does reveal is one of the game’s characters, a princess-like blonde who’s wearing an outfit that looks more like sheer negligee than a royal robe. Her breasts, as you would expect from Tecmo, are enormous and on display. While the word “zombie” is mentioned, that’s pretty much where it ends. As you can tell, Tecmo knows who butters its bread — people who like breasts and slaughtering their enemies with armies of the undead. 

With that said, it should be noted that as a game, Undead Knights doesn’t take itself too seriously. The over-the-top trailer they released at E3 featured lots of hacking and slashing, set to the tune of some of the most ridiculous metal you’ll ever hear. And since I’m easily amused, this definitely puts Undead Knights on my radar. Mission accomplished, Tecmo.

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