Uncharted 4 video extols the power of the PS4

Oh right, it’s Naughty Dog’s first ground-up PS4 game

I have to admit I was pretty jazzed about technical powering Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune leading up to its PlayStation 3 release. Little details from water physics (and Drake’s varying levels of dampness when submerged) to loads of variable cover animations helped Uncharted come alive and sell what was basically Tomb Raider, a long scuttled franchise (that, ironically, Uncharted‘s success must have had a hand in rebooting).

So copping this second part behind the scenes video of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a good bit of fun. I was just rose-tintedly remembering how many games tried to shoehorn in driving sequences and other things to break up monotony (most of the time they were awful!), and here’s Naughty Dog talking about the crazy attention to detail paid to A Thief’s End driving, down to how the tires interact with different parts of the world, just like how detailed Drake’s climbing mechanics are.

Pretty good. Uncharted 4 is done with delays and coming to PS4 May 10. I have a feeling it’ll easily top Uncharted 3. Things like organic stealth (and being able to completely sidestep certain enemies, as opposed to stealth only being a different means of murder), the grappling rope, and the insistence on a more movement-focused cover-based shooting (cover degrades and environments are larger, a disincentive to “stop and pop” holing up behind one piece of cover) have me interested.

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