Uncharted 2 Twitter updates scrapped for being annoying

Let’s integrate Twitter into our videogames! Seems like a good idea, especially with the social network’s extreme popularity, but attempts to inject Twitter into Uncharted 2: Among Thieves have not exactly gone swimmingly. In fact, the feature has annoyed the piss out of people already, and the game’s not even been released yet.

A number of reviewers have been enjoying early access to the game and turned on the Twitter feature. Soon their Twitter accounts were updating regularly to let a jealous world know about each completed chapter. Things got very irritating and Naughty Dog has now had to disable the feature, with an eye to re-releasing it at a later date.

“Some reviewers have had early access to the game and selected the option to update their Twitter accounts as they completed each chapter of the game,” explains Naughty Dog boss Evan Wells. “This has resulted in some Twitter feeds being updated multiple times an hour. We obviously want to provide the best experience for everybody, so for the time being we’ve disabled Twitter updates on chapter completions. The option will still exist in the menus when the game ships on 10/13, but if activated, it will do nothing. Some time after the game has shipped, we’ll release a patch to reactivate the feature, but with a limit on the frequency of updates.”

Oh Twitter, your social evil knows no bounds.

Jim Sterling