Ultra 64 prototype controllers displayed, compared

Ultra 64. It’s been so long since I’ve heard that name. It conjures up images of Final Fantasy tech demos and fanboy-ish forum posts. Remember the 64DD? Remember the term Project Reality? What you may not remember is seeing an Ultra 64 prototype controller.

One YouTuber does a fine job (except for the mouth breathing) of showing off the differences between an alpha prototype, a beta prototype, and the standard Nintendo 64 controller we all know and love like.

I really dig the bigger analog nub for the black prototype, but I’m not liking the thinner side handles as much. The grey beta looks so similar that it’s a bit difficult to see the differences from a distance. And this is unrelated to function, but the standard Nintendo 64 controller shown here has some serious finger filth in the cracks. Blarg.

If you ask me, they should’ve gone with the more dogbone-ish design of the Wii Classic controller. I think it is easier to wield, and definitely less phallic. That’s always a plus, right?

[Via Gizmodo

Dale North