Ultimate PS3 setup, meet ultimate console: A match made in heaven

The ultimate A/V setup featured a few weeks ago was an awe inspiring thing of beauty, but in spite of having enough tech to keep even the most voracious gearhound happy it was missing a few key components, namely a Wii and an Xbox 360.  Thankfully, for people that can afford to spend the obscene amounts of money required to even begin thinking about possibly starting to maybe set up a system like this, a solution to flesh out the gaming gap in your life is available.

Created by SE2 Labs, the ITC One incorporates an Xbox 360, Wii, HD-DVR, iPod Dock, pre-amp processor, and a top notch cooling system in addition to a Blu-Ray player where once there was a HD-DVD drive, all into a 17 by 23 by 22 inch package. Massive for most but meager to someone with the scratch to throw down on something like this, and it’s certainly not cheap.  At $25,000 a pop you could either buy the ITC One or feed a small African village for a couple years, but really, which is more fun?

[Via ZDnet — Thanks, Jonathan] 

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