UK videogame piracy rises by 20%

Research group Envisional declares that videogame piracy in the United Kingdom has risen by 20% over the past five years. Its unnamed list of “top five games of 2010” were downloaded over one million times. 

Despite the findings, games aren’t doing quite as badly as television and film piracy, which has risen by over 30% since 2006. Conversely, the theft of music albums has apparently decreased, most likely due to the rising popularity of downloadable music via Amazon and iTunes. 

I think the success of the music industry is the real key here. Thanks to digital distribution, prices went down and obtaining music became fast and convenient. I have no problem buying music these days, since I can get any tune I want piecemeal and do so incredibly swiftly. 

Meanwhile, the games industry has a lot to learn about treating customers right. Not that it morally justifies piracy, of course. Both sides could be a little less sleazy. 

Games piracy ‘has climbed 20% since 2006’ [Develop]

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