UK video game retail chain refuses to sell Oblivion on PS3 … what? [update]

[UPDATE: According to CVG, it’s just a distribution issue. Weird thing is, GamesIndustry has yet to update their original story. What’s going on? Who’s right? Here’s what CVG says:

Staff at the Oxford Street branch of the chain told CVG this afternoon that it had no units in stock, adding that a number of its stores are in the same position. They said that they expect to have copies in next week, possibly Monday.

Someone make up their damn mind.]

Talk about the ultimate in bitch slap. It appears as though the video game retail chain GAME, over in the UK and Ireland, is refusing to stock and sell the highly-praised Oblivion on the PlayStation 3 — you know, that game that racked up a ton of sales and critical acclaim last year. From GamesIndustry:

Leading High Street retailer GAME is refusing to stock copies of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the PlayStation 3. The title, developed by Bethesda and published on the Sony console by Ubisoft, is not available in any of the company’s 400 UK and Ireland stores. 

Officials from GAME have not commented on the issue. Can anyone here imagine why they wouldn’t want to stock this game? It makes no sense. 

Robert Summa