UK retailers reduce the price of the PSP Go

UK gamers can tell you that if you wanted to pick up a PSP Go on launch day, it was a real hit to the bankbook, as the little handheld launched at £224.99 (roughly $359 US). And you thought $250 was bad! However, it seems like price cuts are already happening. Joystiq reports that GAME,, HMV and Play have all already discounted the Go to £199.99. While that still comes out to an ugly $319 in US dollars, it’s certainly a little bit better — and possibly the difference it may make to some consumers unsure about opening their pocketbooks.

Sony says that sales for the PSP Go are going well so far, and while we haven’t seen any hard sales numbers yet, the people I know that have gotten them seem pretty pleased with their purchase. I haven’t purchased one yet because I got one of the gorgeous new Carnival Colors PSP 3000’s while I was in Tokyo last week, but I may grab one eventually. Anyone get one and loving it? If not, why not?


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