UK Prime Minister promises he won’t censor games: Actually wants to be sensible

Now, while you might expect some trademark cynicism in a post about how UK prime minister Gordon Brown wants to look into violent videogames and how we can protect children from their evil ways, it might refresh you to read that, for once, I am somewhat encouraged by this news. In his monthly press conference, Mr. Brown stated that he wants to work with all parties involved in this debate, from parents to the entertainment industry, and reach a mutually beneficial resolution when it comes to protecting the sprogs from violence and pornography.

“The sources of information for children from a very young age now are the internet, television, commercial advertising. That is a good thing in so many different ways, but where there is pornographic or violent material, any parent is going to be concerned,” stated Brown. “This is not the government telling people what they should do … this is society reaching a conclusion with all those people involved about what are the legitimate boundaries.”

Don’t get me wrong — I do of course think that we already have ample laws in place and that education over leglisation is the way forward. Man, “education over leglisation” sounds so awesome. Anyway, while I think that enlightening parents and children rather than tightening already sufficient laws is what Brown should actually be proposing, I can’t help but respect his willingness to fairly and sensibly debate the violent media concern. Rather than work like Jack Thompson and get into unwarranted and arbitrary fights over the issue, Gordon Brown wants us to work together for principals that everybody on both sides of the debate actually agree with. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who eschew discussion and march right into the courtroom with fists of fury, do little to help. Brown’s more open, approachable method might actually do some good. I can’t insult a man willing to actually talk about things and substitute the melodramatic “ban this sick filth” garbage with actual thought.

The PM claimed that despite his belief that we need to govern electronic media where kids are involved, he’s not interested in censorship. Whether I agree with him or not (I think the parents should be the governers above all else), I am happy with everything he wants to do, provided this doesn’t affect the content that we as grown adults can enjoy. That’s all I ask of anybody in the violent media and games debate. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. 

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James Stephanie Sterling