UK industry guy hits back over MadWorld fiasco

As you’ve probably heard, the latest horsesh*t to come from The Daily “Ban This Sick Filth” Mail was a complaint that black-and-white brawler MadWorld would spoil the “family friendly” image of the Wii and should therefore be made illegal in the UK. Games industry marketing veteran Bruce Everiss, who has made waves in the past with his unique critique of the anti-games lobby, has hit out at the ridiculous Daily Mail piece,

“They really are just trying to sell newspapers with sensationalism because nobody with a brain can be stupid enough to believe what they have written.” stated Everiss. He then provided his own counterpoints to the assumptions and rhetoric provided by The Mail:

  • If a Wii is family friendly then presumably a DVD player is. And you can play totally execrably disgusting content on a DVD player.
  • Game content is mild compared to film and book content. MadWorld just pales into insignificance compared to what is on these other media.
  • Games are age rated with the excellent PEGI system. Every parent can clearly see this on the front of the packaging…
  • There is plenty of equally violent content already available for the Wii. The Mail are just exposing their total ignorance with this…

Everiss of course makes total sense, and The Daily Mail of course will ignore it completely, because it doesn’t care. Nobody working for Britain’s unfunniest comic book actually gives a crap one way or another about videogames, but it’s very easy to pretend to be offended if it alarms the public and keeps people hooked on your own increasingly obsolete medium. Oh, and further to Everiss’ first point, I think that’s academic — nobody with a brain reads The Daily Fail anyway.

James Stephanie Sterling