UK deprived of Rule of Rose

OK, this is just retarded. 505 Games announced earlier today that Rule of Rose wouldn’t be released in the United Kingdom, due to complaints from European Union officials.

Franco Frattini, the justice and security commisioner of Europe, is among the main causes for this particular bit of faggotry. Here’s the statement from a 505 spokesperson addressing the issue:

“Following discussions with our retail and publishing partners, 505 Games has taken the decision not to publish Rule of Rose in the UK at this time.”

“I have no idea where the suggestion of in-game sadomasochism has come from, nor children being buried underground. These are things that have been completely made up,” said VSC secretary general Laurie Hall.

According to Gamasutra, after the VSC gave the game a PEGI rating of 16+, Frattini called for changes to be made to the age rating system and talks between government officials and industry representatives to help moderate game content.

First the pointless name change with Bully, now this. People in Europe really do end up getting the raw end of the deal when it comes to videogames.

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