UK Charts: UFC takes Wii Fit down, Octagon style

Wii Fit‘s reign of terror is finally over! After six weeks of first place tyranny, the cruel ruler of the United Kingdom videogame sales chart as been torn from its throne and replaced with a new monarch — one that’s actually quite good. With UFC 2009: Undisputed taking the top slot, it’s all change with the UK Charts this week. We have quite a few new things to talk about, and I am so, so happy.

Wii Fit is not even at number two. It’s been batted right down to fourth place, subjugated not just by UFC, but by Pokémon Platinum at number two, and EA Sports Active at number three. Yes, Wii Fit might be on the slide, but the British public will replace it with yet another fitness placebo to convince themselves they’re doing something right with their lives. 

The usual suspects round out the rest of the chart. Yet more FIFA, more World at War, more My Fitness Coach. Still, it’s great to see three new titles debuting in the top three slots. I’m so sick of writing about Wii Fit. Hit the jump for the full rundown.

  1. UFC 2009: Undisputed
  2. Pokemon Platinum
  3. EA Sports Active
  4. Wii Shit
  5. FIFA 09
  6. X-Men Project Origins: Wolverine
  7. Wii Play
  8. Mario Kart Wii
  9. My Fitness Coach
  10. Call of Duty: World at War
  11. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
  12. Professor Layton & the Curious Village
  13. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  14. Bionic Commando
  15. The Mystery of the Mummy
  16. Brain Training
  17. The Godfather II
  18. Resident Evil 5
  19. Battlestations: Pacific
  20. Rhythm Paradise
Jim Sterling