Uhh, I guess there’s a new Doom movie…?

Nowhere to go but up

Despite the last Doom movie (2005) going over like a lead balloon, Hollywood is supposedly trying again. If at first you don’t succeed, and all that.

Danish actress/musician/model Nina Bergman recently tweeted that she has signed on to act in a new Doom movie that’s being made by Universal Pictures. That seems to be all the information that’s available. There’s no word about who the film stars, who’s directing, where it’s set (hopefully in hell), or when this will release.

The punctuation in the headline more or less expresses my two-fold trepidation toward this news. First, this is an extremely unofficial way for this project’s existence to be outed. But, Bergman’s an actress with a decent-enough portfolio of roles; she’s probably not in the business of starting false rumors.

So even if we accept this as truth, man, The Rock’s Doom was a nightmare mess. We really don’t need a repeat of that — especially since the video game Doom is riding high these days. Well, at least the bar is set plenty low. It shouldn’t be too tough to surpass expectations.

@ninabergman [Twitter via ResetEra]

Brett Makedonski
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