Uh, Let’s Sing 2019 is coming to (squints) Wii again this year, Wii U snubbed

PS4 and Switch confirmed too

Rhythm games have an amazing history of savagely standing up the Wii U. Last year Let’s Sing 2018 released on Wii and Switch, completely skipping the Wii U, topped off with the inclusion of the song “I Hate U.” Well, it’s happening again, and I’m sure there will be some sort of diss track involved.

THQ Nordic has announced that once again Let’s Sing 2019 will release this year on PS4, Wii, and Switch. Nope that’s the original Wii, not a typo, it’s happening. This news is so exciting that you probably didn’t notice that I used an image from Let’s Sing 2018 above.

In all seriousness I’ve been pouring one out for the Wii U for the last several years (I’m almost out of brew!) but the Wii deserves a toast. That beast came out in 2006 and is still chugging, and is going toe-to-toe with the PS2 in terms of all-time support. And think about it, there are millions of Wii consoles out there in the wild, so game-preservation efforts are going to be that much easier in the years to come.

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